Will a Labiaplasty with Fat Transfer Plump Up My Labia?

Labiaplasty with fat transfer

Has your labia lost volume and shape? Whether you have given birth or your labia has changed due to the natural effects of ageing, it can cause issues with confidence and self-esteem. You may even experience painful and uncomfortable symptoms if it stops functioning correctly.

The good news is that there are ways to plump up the labia to reverse the loss of volume. One of the most innovative procedures that can help is a labiaplasty with fat transfer.

So, what is the procedure and how can it help? Discover everything you need to know below.

What is a labiaplasty with fat transfer?

A labiaplasty with fat transfer is a surgical procedure that aims to add volume to the labia majora. It is typically combined with other procedures such as laser energy treatments, in order to produce the best results.

The procedure takes around 30-60 minutes, and it is carried out under local anaesthetic. Fat is harvested from a different part of the body, before being separated, purified, and injected into the labia majora. The fat is injected into the area in thin layers to ensure natural-looking results.

How does it differ from a traditional labiaplasty procedure?

In a traditional labiaplasty procedure, the labia minora is reduced in size. This is the inner tissue area of the female genitalia. By reducing the size of the inner area, it brings it flush with the labia majora.

Several techniques can be used to achieve desired results, and no energy devices tend to be used with this procedure. Unlike labiaplasty with fat transfer, a traditional labiaplasty does not increase volume within the area. Instead, it corrects issues such as asymmetry.

The benefits of labiaplasty with fat transfer

A labiaplasty with fat transfer isn’t the only way to plump up the labia. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can also be used for the same purpose. However, fillers only provide temporary results, and they can also be really uncomfortable to have done.

A labiaplasty with fat transfer has the following benefits:

  • Natural results
  • Reduced risks
  • A fast, effective treatment
  • Minimal visible scarring
  • Increased self-confidence

The procedure provides long-term results. Additionally, as it uses your body’s own fat, there is less of a chance that it will be rejected. This reduces the risks of the procedure, while also ensuring beautiful and natural results.

To find out more about plumping up your labia with fat transfer, book a consultation with Mr Tulley today. After assessing your situation, Mr Tulley will advise you on whether this procedure is your best option.