Tummy Tuck Can Improve Quality of Life in Overweight Patients

tummy tuck benefits

A new study published within the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journey this month revealed a tummy tuck can improve the quality of life in overweight patients. This is despite the increased risks the surgery presents.

According to the study, an “overwhelming majority” of overweight patients who underwent a tummy tuck were very happy with the results. So, could the results outweigh the risks?

Do the tummy tuck benefits outweigh the risks?

For years, cosmetic surgeons have been recommending their overweight patients lose weight before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. This is down to the increased risks overweight patients are exposed to when undergoing the procedure.

Surgeons typically find it much more challenging to perform a tummy tuck on those who are overweight because of the risks posed. These largely include wound healing issues and fluid collection.

The recent study assessed the outcomes of a tummy tuck on 46 overweight patients. The results were taken from a 12-year period and the majority of patients (41) were women. They had an average age of 49 and a BMI of at least 25. Two types of procedures were carried out, with 80% undergoing an abdominoplasty and 20% undergoing panniculectomy, which removes excess skin and fat.

It was discovered that almost half of the patients experienced some complications. Minor complications were reported in 39% of patients, while major complications presented in 9%. However, follow-up surveys showed that 94% of patients were very happy with the results and 97% said they would undergo the surgery again.

It does appear that despite the risks, a tummy tuck can significantly improve the life of overweight patients. If nothing else, it gives them a kick start onto their weight loss journey.

What other benefits does a tummy tuck provide?

Tummy tucks aren’t just great for making life better for overweight patients. They also provide a number of other tummy tuck benefits too. These include:

  • Improvement in stress incontinence
  • Better posture and abdominal tone
  • Potential Ventral Hernia Correction

These are just a small selection of the benefits the procedure can provide.

Overall, while there are risks associated with tummy tucks in overweight patients, the benefits far outweigh the risks. This new study reveals just how effective surgery can be at helping overweight patients kick-start their weight loss journey.

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