Tummy tucks are ranked among the top five cosmetic procedures for both men and women. However, many people are often unaware of what the recovery process entails.

Gaining a better understanding of the recovery timeline and what to expect can help make the tummy tuck experience smoother. It can also ensure patients experience the best results. Here, we look at the best tummy tuck aftercare advice you can follow.

Activity and Exercise

Upon arriving home, it’s crucial to prioritise rest and minimise any physical activity or movement. The person taking care of you during your first night post-surgery can offer significant support by assisting you with removing your shoes and changing your clothes. This helps prevent unnecessary movement of your abdomen, which could cause discomfort.

Try to maintain your resting position while they also bring you water, refreshments, and any other necessities. This helps you to avoid getting up and lying down multiple times, which could potentially cause dizziness or pain in your breasts or lower back.

You will need to avoid exercise for at least six to eight weeks after the procedure, but Mr Tulley will let you know exactly how long. When you do return to activity, it should be a slow and gradual process.

Lifestyle Recommendations

No specific dietary restrictions are required following a tummy tuck surgery. However, it’s advisable to avoid consuming tough meats or foods that demand extensive chewing, as this can lead to digestive discomfort. During the first 24 hours, aim to drink at least 2 litres of water.

Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking for the initial 7 days post-surgery, as both can negatively impact the healing process. Keep in mind that anything that hinders your recovery has the potential to affect your results.

Sleeping After a Tummy Tuck

For many patients, sleeping during the initial few nights after the surgery can be uncomfortable. In the first week, it’s crucial to sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated. This helps to promote proper blood circulation and expedite healing.

Starting from the second week, if you choose to sleep on your side, make sure to use a double pillow for slightly higher elevation and take care not to put any pressure on your abdomen.

Key Tummy Tuck Aftercare Tips

To speed up recovery and ensure best results from your tummy tuck, you can use silicone gel when the incision lines have turned a pinkish colour. It is essential to continue taking Ibuprofen after your surgery to minimise swelling as much as possible. In some cases, you may need a stronger anti-inflammatory tablet to help with swelling during your seven-day postoperative appointment.

It is important to always wear your compression garment for at least six weeks. This ensures you feel secure during movements and keeps swelling to a minimum. Removing the compression garment after only a few days or weeks may cause post-surgery swelling to return.

Mr Paul Tulley will provide thorough tummy tuck aftercare instructions you should follow to aid in the recovery process.