Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2020: What Have People Really Been ‘Getting Done’?

Cosmetic Surgery Trends

In 2020, the pandemic forced us to change how we live, work and socialise. It presented great challenges, both economically and health wise.

In a bid to feel better and make the most of the lockdowns, more people than ever before flocked to cosmetic clinics.

Here, we’ll look at the top cosmetic surgery trends that emerged in 2020.

Eye procedures

Eye procedures have undoubtedly become one of the key cosmetic surgery trends for 2020. Mask wearing has drawn attention to the upper-face area, and patients have been seeking more eye-focused treatments. This has led to a boom in treatments such as eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty, brow lifts and eyelash extensions.

Injectable alternatives

An interesting trend, that has been especially popular in America, are alternatives to Muscle Relaxing Injections, which have been the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment for many years. While treatments such as Muscle Relaxing Injections and dermal fillers are still popular, treatments which are perceived as more ‘natural’ are quickly catching up.

New treatments are being introduced which don’t contain the proteins that Muscle Relaxing Injections do. However, these treatments are very new and not widely available in the UK.

A natural and safer alternative to dermal fillers is Fat Grafting to the face. This procedure involves your own body fat to fill out any lines on the face and add volume to lips. It can provide a much more natural and longer-term result adding volume and tone to the skin.

Lip fillers

Lip fillers have also been a popular option throughout 2020, despite the fact they are currently covered by masks. A reason for this could be that mask wearing is helping to hide the work while the lips heal. It isn’t uncommon for bruising and swelling to appear after having lip injections, so having them done now while masks can cover them up is a popular option for patients.

These are just some of the key cosmetic surgery trends for 2020. It is likely 2021 will see a continuation of patients looking to undergo these cosmetic procedures.

If you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery, it’s important not to rush into the decision. Going under the knife is a major decision so you should always have a consultation prior to deciding whether it is right for you.

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