What Are The Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends For 2021?

Cosmetic Surgery Trends

The top predicted cosmetic surgery trends for 2021 have been revealed, with eyelid lifts and breast reductions topping the list.

Experts are gearing up for a rise in facial sculpting procedures, which is thought to be down to the rise in mask wearing and video calling in the ongoing pandemic.

Here, we’ll look at some of the biggest trends predicted to be huge this year.

US face-shaping trends to dominate UK

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, video calls are set to spark a trend for US style face-shaping procedures in the UK. Contouring the jawline is set to become a particularly popular procedure as people worry how they look on video.

Chin augmentation was already becoming popular before the pandemic arrived. The rise in video calls and mask wearing has seen the procedure become even more popular.

Eyelid lifts are another procedure that patients can’t get enough of. Helping to reduce the signs of aging and brighten up the eye area, an eyelid lift is a straightforward procedure with minimal downtime.

More ‘Tweakments’

Beauty experts are also predicting a rise in combined Tweakments. That is, a combination of procedures which subtly contour and refresh the face. Treatments such as tailored injections and medical grade skincare products, will be used together to create flawless results.

Muscle Relaxing Injections have been a popular treatment for over a decade. However, patients are now looking to achieve more natural results.

Similarly, they are starting to move away from exaggerated lip fillers. So, the non-invasive treatment market is set to change a lot this year, moving away from exaggerated results.

Breast reductions on the rise

Another significant trend to watch out for this year is breast reductions. Smaller breasts started to become more popular a few years back.

Larger breasts are known to cause a number of issues, especially for those wanting to lead a more active lifestyle. A breast reduction offers an ideal way to make the breasts smaller, helping patients lead a more active lifestyle.

These are just some of the most popular cosmetic surgery trends set to dominate in 2021.

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