Tiny Nipples and Bulging Buttocks – the Cosmetic Surgery Trends of 2017

The cosmetic surgery trends set to dominate in 2017 have now been revealed by multiple news sources. Tiny nipples, bulging buttocks and super-speedy walk-in, walk-out procedures are topping the list of must-have procedures.

So, what’s behind these leading trends and what should you consider before requesting one of these popular procedures?

The Brazilian Butt Lift

Bulging buttocks certainly aren’t new. They started gaining in popularity in 2016 after celebrities such as Kim Kardashian hit the headlines for their large, perfect round posteriors.

There are numerous buttock augmentation procedures available, but the Brazilian butt lift is by far the most common. Combining buttock augmentation, body contouring and liposuction, the procedure is one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. In the second half of 2016, it saw a staggering 500% increase in consultations and that is only set to rise further in 2017.

Smaller breasts and tiny nipples

Breast augmentation has always been a popular procedure, but interestingly patients are now seeking more natural, smaller results. In the past, patients were requesting DD and E cup sizes, whereas now the average is a C-D cup. To complete the smaller, natural look patients are also investing in smaller nipples.

Cosmetic surgeons are pleased with this more natural of cosmetic surgery trends, as it’s considered much healthier for the patient. Larger breasts can bring numerous health problems to the patient; particularly back pain. Stars such as Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift are thought to be behind the trend, making the smaller, athletic body more sought after.

Walk-in, walk-out procedures

Advancements in technology have significantly improved cosmetic procedures, with many non-invasive treatments now available. These procedures are typically done on a walk-in, walk-out basis, making it much more convenient for patients. Many are even choosing to have a mini face-lift in their lunch break. It’s a revolutionary time for the industry and the convenience of these walk-in, walk-out procedures is helping to make them extremely popular.

Are these cosmetic surgery trends right for you?

Before rushing in and booking any of these popular cosmetic surgery trends, it’s important to book a consultation. All kinds of factors need to be considered before you undergo any type of cosmetic procedure. Your body shape is one of the key factors that will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedures above.

At a consultation, the surgeon can assess your health, body type and provide you with realistic expectations. At the end of the day, it’s down to personal preference. The surgeon will work with you to find the best procedure to fit both your preferences and body type to help you achieve the look you desire.