Timing is Everything When it Comes to Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgery timing

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, it’s important to learn everything there is to know about the procedure. Usually, patients research the procedure itself, along with the recovery time. However, have you considered how long the results will last?

When you’re going under the knife, it’s important to know what kind of results you can expect. It’s also useful to understand the proper timings for surgery. Some procedures will produce much better results at a specific age. Here, you’ll discover why cosmetic surgery timing is everything.

Cosmetic surgery timing: how long will the results last?

One of the first things you should look into is how long the results will last. How will they look in a few years? Consider whether the treatment will need to be carried out again to maintain the results.

If you’re undergoing a procedure which doesn’t provide permanent results, you’ll obviously need to factor in the costs of future treatments. If you’re undergoing breast augmentation, for example, implants will usually need to be replaced. They can last from ten to 20 years, then they’ll need to be replaced with new implants.

Cosmetic surgery timing: lifestyle changes may be required

It’s also important to realise that some procedures will require you to undergo lifestyle changes to maintain results. Liposuction and breast augmentation are two examples of this.

While liposuction will help to eliminate excess fat, you’ll need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain results. Similarly, breast augmentation results can be impacted if you lose or gain weight. So, always take into account the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make before going under the knife.

Cosmetic surgery timing: is there a right age to have surgery?

Although there are no strict age limits on cosmetic surgery, there are a few guidelines to follow. For example, although the minimum age limit to have cosmetic surgery is 16, some patients may want to wait until they’re over 18. This is because changes within the body are still occurring until the age of 18. It’s important to give the body plenty of time to develop before deciding whether or not cosmetic surgery is required.

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about before undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Knowing when the right time is to go under the knife is crucial and during your consultation with Mr Paul Tulley, he will discuss timing as well as any other considerations you should take into account before making the decision to proceed. For advice on whether now is the best time to undergo your chosen procedure, call 020 7183 1559.