Timely reminder that cosmetic surgery is a serious undertaking

Brazilian Butt Lift Risks

Cosmetic surgery trends are ever-changing and with each new trend, there is a potential for complications, particularly if a procedure is relatively untestedOften the trouble is that when a cosmetic procedure becomes popular in the mediamany patients will flock to the cheapest surgeon they can find. Undergoing any cosmetic surgery is risky, but when you have it performed by an inexperienced or unskilled practitioner, even non-invasive techniques can prove dangerous.

This has recently been highlighted by a number of deaths which have occurred after patients underwent a butt lift procedure. Although extremely popular, Brazilian butt lifts are known to be one of the highest-risk procedures on the market.

With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and her sisters becoming the poster girls for over-sized behinds, the US has seen an increase of 10% in buttock augmentation procedures from 2016 to 2017, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and this has led to a group of leading American surgeons recently publishing a warning for those contemplating this surgery.

We are not immune from the craze here in the UK and just last month a British mother of three died at a Turkish cosmetic surgery clinic while undergoing a procedure to remove fat from her stomach and transfer it to her buttocks.

Here, you’ll discover why the Brazilian butt lift can be dangerous and how to minimise the risks.

What can go wrong with theBrazilian butt lift?

When undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, the main risk of serious complications is if the fat is injected too deep into the gluteal muscles and enters the large blood vessels, from where it can travel to the lungs. This is a dangerous and potentially fatal complication – a fat embolism. 

Instead, the fat should only be injected into the subcutaneous plane and NOT into the muscle. An inexperienced surgeon may not know how deep to go, which is why patients absolutely need to ensure they are having the Brazilian butt lift performed by a highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon. 

Is it possible to minimise the dangers of a Brazilian butt lift?

The only way to minimise the dangers is to ensure you are using a certified plastic surgeon,  experienced in the procedure, who is fully aware of the risks of fat embolism and how to avoid. When you go for your consultation, they should discuss with you all of the risks involved. They’ll also be able to tell you how they plan to perform the procedure and ideally, mention that they won’t be injecting into the muscle.

When performed correctly, Brazilian butt lifts can be highly effective. Patients just need to be extremely careful of where they have the procedure done. If you’re interested in undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, book a consultation today to learn more about the procedure and whether it’s right for you.