Thighlighting – The Latest Hollywood Cosmetic Surgery Trend


There’s a new cosmetic surgery trend circulating throughout Hollywood and it’s being cleverly referred to as ‘Thighlighting’. It appears the focus has switched from the rear to the thighs, as stars look to create the perfect leg effect.

While the entire leg has become a focus in the journey to perfection, the thighs are the most common area of concern for women. It’s unsurprising Hollywood is embracing the trend, given that the majority of dresses worn on the red carpet highlight the legs from numerous angles.

So, what exactly is Thighlighting and why has it become so popular?

The Thighlighting procedure

Thighlighting largely refers to a contouring procedure of the thighs. It’s no longer enough for women to achieve a thigh gap; instead they want to finely-shape the thighs to achieve the perfect look.

liposuction technique is used to suck out small pockets of fat which may be causing bumps or misshapen areas on the thigh. However, it’s not traditional liposuction that’s used. Only a small portion of fat is removed and it’s more to contour the thighs, rather than to aid in weight loss.

It can be carried out on either the outer or inner thigh, or on both depending upon the patient’s needs.

Could Thighlighting be right for you?

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, Thighlighting won’t be suitable for everyone. As mentioned, it’s a contour based procedure, which means if you’re hoping to have a lot of fat removed, this isn’t the right procedure for you.

Thighlighting is best suited to healthy patients who are already at an ideal weight. Sometimes it’s just difficult to shift small pockets of fat and that’s where contouring procedures come in useful.

What other leg procedures are proving popular in Hollywood?

As well as Thighlighting, Hollywood stars are opting to undergo other procedures to ensure their legs are red carpet ready. Many are even opting for a full leg makeover.

Most interestingly, there’s been a rise in the number of stars seeking calf implants. The calves are considered one of the sexiest parts of the leg so again, it’s unsurprising many women are opting to undergo calf-related procedures prior to big events.

If you’re interested in having a full leg makeover, or joining in with the Thighlighting trend, it’s important to first undergo a consultation. Not everyone will be an ideal candidate and it’s always best to go in with realistic expectations as to what the procedure could do for you.