Thigh Lift

The thighs are often one of the most stubborn areas to lose body fat, regardless of how much exercise you do. They also tend to hold on to excess skin once you’ve lost a significant amount of weight. A thigh lift can help remove this excess skin and can also be used with liposuction to remove stubborn fat. The two combined procedures will really help to enhance the contour of the thighs.

Am I a suitable candidate for a thigh lift?

Despite its name, a thigh lift procedure does not lift the entire thigh. Instead, it largely focuses upon removing excess skin and lifting the inside of the thigh. The back and front areas are not lifted. If you’re looking to eliminate excess skin and fat from these areas, a body lift may be a more appropriate procedure.

What is the difference between lipo to the thigh and a thigh lift?

The difference between a thigh lift and liposuction is that with liposuction it purely removes unwanted fat. A thigh lift on the other hand removes excess skin, leaving the inner thighs looking firmer.

What does a thigh lift involve?

There are actually two different types of approaches that can be used and the technique chosen will be dependent upon the skin’s laxity. If the problem is that the rippling and laxity is limited to the upper part of the thigh, an upper thigh lift may be the preferred method. In this case a scar will be left in the groin area and will be well hidden.

If the rippling and laxity is present throughout the entire inner thigh, an extended thigh lift will be required. In this procedure another scar will be left vertically down the inside of the thigh which will not be as easy to camouflage.

What downtime can I expect after a thigh lift?

Both procedures are done under general anaesthetic and an overnight hospital stay is required. It is possible cellulite will also be reduced after a thigh lift procedure. While it isn’t used for the back or front of the thighs, it can be performed on either the inner (most common) or outer thigh.

During your consultation, Mr Paul Tulley will fully explain what will happen both during and after your procedure and what results you can expect.

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