The Importance of Realistic Expectations in Cosmetic Surgery

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When carried out for the right reasons, cosmetic surgery can provide a lot of benefits. It can boost your confidence and significantly improve your quality of life. However, it’s important to go into it with realistic expectations.

The commonest groups of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery are younger patients looking to improve a particular feature (eg with a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or liposuction), patients following childbirth who wish to improve their body contours (eg a tummy tuck or breast lift), and older patients desiring rejuvenation surgery.

For the vast majority of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery, commonly in these groups of patients, they’ll have clear goals and be very satisfied with their results. Here, we’ll look at the importance of maintaining realistic expectations in cosmetic surgery and why it matters.

Why are realistic expectations important?

Over the years, cosmetic surgery procedures have been improved and advanced. The results you can achieve today are remarkable compared to decades ago. However, even with advanced procedures, it is very important to be clear in the results you’re looking to achieve. A smaller group of patients can seek cosmetic surgery with unrealistic expectations.

The trouble with unrealistic expectations is that they can leave you feeling deflated after the surgery. The results may not be what you were expecting which can be devastating when you’ve spent a lot of money on a procedure.

You need to know what can be achieved with the procedure you’re undergoing. It can help to write down your reasons for the surgery and how you expect it will change your life. Then, look at what you’ve written and determine if what you think will happen is realistic. Do your research to see what kind of results others have experienced. However, remember that everyone is different, and you may not achieve the exact results as somebody else.

How social media can add to unrealistic expectations

One of the main reasons why people often have unrealistic expectations of cosmetic surgery is social media. These days, social media is all about influencers. You only have to pop onto Instagram, and you’ll be met with thousands of photos of Insta models and influencers with ‘perfect looks’.

In fact, a recent study published in Current Psychology found that viewing images of facial cosmetic enhancements increased the desire for cosmetic surgery among young women, especially for those who spend more time on social media.

What you don’t always realise is that even influencers don’t always look how they appear on social media. It’s common to use filters to enhance images. So, if you’re relying upon photos of someone on social media to determine the results you can expect, you could end up disappointed. It’s important to discuss these types of images with your surgeon to see if it’s realistic that you could achieve a similar outcome.

Knowing what type of results to expect

In order to have realistic expectations, it’s important to know what the procedure you’re undergoing can achieve. You will get a good idea of the type of results you’ll experience during your consultation. The surgeon should have a full discussion with you as to the results you desire, perform a detailed examination, then give you an indication of the results you are likely to achieve, including showing you examples of their work.

During your London cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Paul Tulley will let you know the type of cosmetic changes you can expect. Discuss your expectations and see whether they are achievable before going ahead with the procedure.

If you want to ensure you’re happy with the changes cosmetic surgery can deliver, having realistic expectations is key. The above are just some of the reasons that realistic expectations are important. Call 020 7183 1559 to arrange a consultation.