The Daddy Do-Over: the rise in male cosmetic surgery

male cosmetic surgery

It wasn’t that long ago we were highlighting the popular Mummy Makeover trend. Now, it seems dads have gotten in on the trend. The Daddy Do-Over is becoming extremely popular, as men look to completely transform their look.

By undergoing several procedures at the same time, the Daddy Do-Over is a more intensive makeover requiring more significant recovery time. Here, we’ll look at what it includes and why more men than ever before are choosing to go under the knife.

What’s driving the Daddy Do-Over trend?

The Mummy Makeover is an increasingly popular procedure that addresses the changes that occur to the breasts and abdomen as a result of childbirth and breastfeeding. So, the Mummy Makeover aims to give women their pre-baby body back.

Men obviously aren’t going through this significant physical change, but what’s driving older men to go under the knife?

While men’s bodies may not change in the way a woman’s does after giving birth, they still go through some physical changes. Lack of sleep and diet and exercise changes can have a big impact on a new dad’s self-esteem. Therefore, undergoing a Daddy Do-Over can help them to feel as confident, if not more so, as they did before the baby came along.

Which male cosmetic surgery procedures are men undergoing?

The Daddy Do-Over can consist of several male cosmetic surgery procedures. Most commonly, it involves male breast reduction, a tummy tuck, liposuction and can also include non-surgical aesthetic treatments to restore a more youthful, dynamic appearance. The aim is to contour the body and help them to look and feel younger.

As men age, it becomes more difficult to lose fat, particularly around the tummy area. Even strict diet and exercise routines can’t always shift stubborn pockets of fat. That’s where liposuction comes in useful. Helping to eliminate small areas of fat, it leaves a much more contoured appearance.

The Daddy Do-Over is becoming just as popular as the Mummy Makeover. Men are much more open to undergoing cosmetic procedures these days thanks to a shift in society’s perception of surgery. However, it’s important for new dads to realise that these procedures aren’t a good alternative to leading a healthy lifestyle. They should only be used to contour the appearance, rather than to help them shed the pounds.

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