In the Spotlight: Can a Facelift Prolong Your Career?

anti-ageing surgery for your career

Plastic surgery and Hollywood have long gone hand in hand and many iconic stars underwent aesthetic enhancement before they were famous; Marilyn Monroe, for example, underwent both a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation before she emerged as one of the world’s most celebrated beauties.

With improved techniques and care, it’s now even easier for our modern stars to give their natural good looks the subtle cosmetic tweaks that elevate them to the truly beautiful. But, what about at the other end of their career? Can anti-ageing surgery help prolong a Hollywood career?

Jane Fonda has always been open about the plastic surgery procedures she has undergone and recently announced that she believes that they have prolonged her career in showbusiness. Even though she’d won multiple awards including two Oscars, she insists that going under the knife was not simple vanity but a matter of career survival: “They bought me an extra 10 years.”

Many older actresses bemoan that as they remain vital and have the benefit of life experience to bear to their acting, roles for older women become scarcer, smaller and typecast. And, they aren’t wrong, as industry research has found that the number of women actively working in the industry declines sharply over the age of 50. The International Federation of Actors carried out a survey a few years ago and, of the 2,000 members questions, 70% of women said they thought their age a disadvantage, while only 15% of men felt the same way.

Age discrimination and anti-ageing surgery

Ours is a youth-obsessed society and, whereas in previous years, maturity and experience were perceived as valuable assets, they can now signify that someone is out of touch with the demands and fast-paced nature of the modern working environment. With many of us having to work for longer, it’s important that age becomes just a number and not revealed by our face, neck or hands.

Whether you’re a Hollywood star, someone in the public eye or just want to look dynamic and vital in the workplace, anti-ageing surgery, such as a facelift, neck lift or hand rejuvenation, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both men and women. Done well, it can produce a subtle, refreshed look that should be able to reset the ageing clock by ten years or so.