Social Media Trends Still Driving Cosmetic Surgery

prejuvenation trend

A new report from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has revealed social media is still driving cosmetic surgery trends.

Almost 175 board-certified cosmetic surgeons took part in the report which looked into surgical as well as minimally invasive procedures. Results showed that minimally invasive procedures saw the biggest rise in popularity, particularly injectables such as Muscle Relaxing Injections.

Here, we’ll look at how social media is still driving cosmetic surgery trends.

The quest for the perfect selfie

One of the main ways that social media is driving cosmetic surgery is the quest for the perfect selfie. Although the selfie trend started years ago, it remains just as popular now as it once was. Apps such as Instagram have largely driven the trend, with users feeling pressure to look perfect in the photos they post.

Cosmetic surgeons have seen an increase in patients looking to enhance their looks purely to take better selfies.

Celebrity influencers play a big role

Another way social media is driving cosmetic surgery trends is down to celebrity influencers. Again, Instagram has largely contributed to the rise in influencers today. Celebrities still remain the most powerful influencers, continually changing their looks and advertising the latest cosmetic procedures they’ve undergone.

Kim Kardashian, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt have been listed as some of the main influencers in cosmetic surgery trends.

Prejuvenation is set to be big in 2020

So, what’s the latest cosmetic trend set to be as we enter a new decade? Well, according to social media, it’s Prejuvenation.

This is the term given to anti-ageing treatments being used in younger patients. Millennials have driven the trend to undergo work before it’s actually needed. This largely includes filler treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections.

The idea behind Prejuvenation is to prevent the signs of ageing from occurring in the first place. They use the treatments as precautionary measures, even when they aren’t needed. This is thought to be down to the scrutiny the younger generation face because of social media. The constant need to look perfect has led Millennials to seek preventative measures.

Social media has definitely played a huge role in the popularity of cosmetic surgery today. It continues to dominate cosmetic surgery trends and shows no signs of slowing down.