Social Media Drives Rise in Facial Surgery and Fat Infusion Procedures

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has recently released data which shows the number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures is fast-growing.

For the second year running, breast augmentation topped the most popular procedure list. However, it’s facial surgery and fat transfer procedures which are really on the rise. It’s thought social media is to blame for the increased popularity of minimally invasive and facial surgical procedures.

Why social media is influencing cosmetic procedures

The data released showed that the top 3rd, 4th and 5th most popular procedures were linked to the face. Eyelid surgery and nose reshaping increased in popularity by 2%, while facelifts rose by 4%.

The rise of these face procedures is actually pretty significant. It’s the first time they’ve made it onto the list of most popular procedures in years. This is likely linked to social media, where the ‘selfie’ plays a dominant role.

People want to look their best and selfies are renowned for highlighting even minor imperfections. So, the fact it’s so easy to undergo minimally invasive procedures and suffer very little downtime, has helped make it easier for patients to eliminate their imperfections.

Fat transfer procedures are proving particularly popular

One of the most significant changes in the world of cosmetic surgery is the increasing popularity of fat transfer procedures. Fat transfer has been performed for many years, but technical improvements in all the stages of the process – removal of fat, separation of the adipose fat cells and grafting into the new area – means better, more predictable results. Many patients are choosing it over traditional dermal fillers as fat transfer can deliver more natural-looking, longer-lasting results.

In 2016, the number of fat injections performed rose by 13%, while buttock fat grafts rose by 26%. The biggest rise however, was fat-injection breast augmentation. This type of procedure rose by a staggering 72% in just one year.

So, what’s pushing more people to opt for fat infusion procedures? Well, they’re minimally invasive so recovery time is often very short. They’re also more affordable, making them much more accessible to patients.

The advancements in cosmetic surgery have allowed patients to enjoy instant results without having to go under the knife. So, it’s no surprise many are opting to have facial and fat infusion procedures to show their best selves on social media.

While undergoing cosmetic procedures in order to look good on social media isn’t recommended, it is a positive sign that patients are opting for more natural results. If you’re interested to find out more, book a consultation with Mr Paul Tulley today.