Should Katie Price’s cosmetic surgery scars make patients reconsider facial rejuvenation?

Cosmetic surgery scars

Katie Price is no stranger to cosmetic surgery. The former glamour model has always been very open about the procedures she’s undertaken. However, pictures of her recent facial rejuvenation procedure have shocked fans.

After seeing how bad Price’s scars look, it’s not surprising that many people that might have been contemplating facial rejuvenation surgery might have had second thoughts. However, it’s important to understand the results seen on Price aren’t the normal experience for most patients. In fact, there are many things the star did after undergoing the procedure that would not be advised by a reputable cosmetic surgeon.

The importance of following aftercare advice

The healing process affects every patient differently and it’s not possible to predict exactly how Katie Price’s scars will heal over time, but it’s also not surprising that her healing may have been compromised if media reports of her recent activities are true.

Immediately after surgery, Price was pictured swimming in her hotel pool, with her facelift and breast augmentation incisions barely covered with surgical tape. London plastic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley recommends that his patients avoid exposing incisions to direct sunlight as it can cause skin pigmentation changes, making the scars appear more prominent.

Reportedly, this is the second facial rejuvenation procedure that Katie has undergone in a matter of months. It’s extremely important for patients to give their skin time to heal after a procedure before undergoing any other treatment. This is because the tissue will undergo further trauma, which can make scarring worse. It’s also difficult to tell the results of the first procedure until it’s fully healed.

Mr Paul Tulley always recommends patients wait about a year after their operation before contemplating further surgery although it is unusual to have multiple facelift procedures in such a short space of time and no reputable plastic surgeon would do so.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad may have also been a factor. Patients should think carefully before going abroad for complex cosmetic surgery, as it’s essential to assess the experience, training and reputation of a surgeon before undertaking complex procedures. You should be able to talk to other patients, see photos reviews, learn about their training and experience; all of which is more challenging when cosmetic surgery is performed abroad.

As well as concerns about the quality of surgery she may have received, flying soon after a major operation – or the three she supposedly underwent this time around – isn’t recommended. She has also had to return due to healing issues instead of being able to seek quick help in the UK.

How to minimise cosmetic surgery scars

It seems that Katie Price’s shocking scarring could probably have been avoided if she’d have followed aftercare advice and received the treatment in the UK. It’s important for patients to realise that different countries have different rules and regulations regarding cosmetic procedures. Experienced and reputable UK surgeons that are members of independent plastic surgery regulatory groups such as BAAPS and BAPRAS will adhere to strict guidelines. Also, if a problem with healing does occur, you can seek help immediately in the UK.

Overall, patients who are considering undergoing facial rejuvenation shouldn’t be put off by Price’s recent results. As long as you seek treatment in the UK and you follow all appropriate aftercare guidelines, you should experience great results. Call 020 7183 1559 to book a consultation with Mr Paul Tulley today to determine whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for facial rejuvenation.