Selfie Surgery: How to Achieve a Defined Jawline

surgery for jaw definition

Procedures to help patients achieve the perfect selfie are becoming increasingly common across the UK. One area of the face deemed important for a good photo is the jawline. So, how can you achieve a defined jawline through cosmetic surgery?

Here, we’ll reveal the top jawline procedures to help you in your quest for that perfect selfie.

Surgery for jaw definition

Those seeking more permanent results can opt to undergo chin augmentation. The procedure can either enhance the size of the chin with implants, or reshape the bones depending upon the patient’s desired results.

If the chin is being reshaped, an incision is made in the lower jaw along the gum. From there, a bone saw, or chisel is used to cut the bone before it is moved and wired or screwed into place. As the incision is made within the mouth, you won’t need to worry about scarring.

Chin augmentation can be carried out alone, or alongside liposuction for more defined results. Careful assessment is made using a series of accurate measurements in clinic pre-op to select the correct implant in terms of projection and width.

A small incision is made hidden under the chin and a pocket made on the front of the mandible in which the implant is inserted and secured to the bone. The incision is closed with fine sutures removed at 5-7 days.

Liposuction may be used in the jowls and under the jawline to slim these areas and give additional  definition to the jawline and neck.

After undergoing the procedure, patients typically  don’t need to undergo a further operation to maintain results. It is considered a permanent solution.

Non-surgical jaw defining options

For patients who aren’t quite ready to go under the knife, there are some non-surgical options available. Fillers are popular treatments being used to contour the chin and jawline. These include both chin and jawline fillers.

The fillers can help to create a balanced profile, correcting weak areas of both the chin and the jawline. They are a temporary solution that will need to be redone within 12-24 months. However, the results are fantastic and can help those looking to avoid going under the knife.

Whether you are thinking of undergoing surgical or non-surgical jawline procedure, there are lots of factors to consider. Both come with their own risks and complications that need to be understood. This means a consultation is crucial before you decide which option to go with.

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