Prominent Ear Correction

It’s natural for the ears to stand out a little from the side of the head, but for some men and women, their ears stick out more than others. This can lead to embarrassment and a general asymmetric appearance. While prominent ear correction can be done at any age, it’s typically more associated with children and teenagers. It can be carried out on adults, but the cartilage within the ear does tend to stiffen as you age.

Prominent ear correction aims to improve the overall attractiveness of the face and help to restore confidence. So what can you expect from the procedure?

What does prominent ear correction entail?

Prominent ear correction is also medically referred to as an ostoplasty or pinnaplasty. During the procedure, Mr Paul Tulley shapes the cartilage and skin at the back of the ear, enabling it to be pulled backwards. To do this, a small cut is made behind the ear and a small amount of skin is removed. Permanent sutures are inserted into the posterior surface, causing the ear to bend back towards the head.

How is prominent ear correction performed?

As the incision is made behind the ear, there will be no visible scarring. The procedure takes around one to two hours. Young children will have the procedure carried out under general anaesthetic, while teenagers and adults can choose a local anaesthetic if they’d prefer.

What is the recovery like after prominent ear correction?

It is advised that you rest for five to seven days after the procedure. A head dressing will also need to be worn a few days afterwards, then a protective headband will be worn for a maximum of six weeks during the healing process.

Are there any special precautions to take after a prominent ear correction?

If your child is having the procedure, it is recommended you talk to their teachers so they can monitor them for a few weeks after the correction to prevent serious injury. Sports should be avoided for at least two weeks.

What results can I expect from a prominent ear correction?

The results of the surgery will fully show after 12 weeks, while the scarring will heal properly after 18 months.

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