Breast implants are a popular cosmetic procedure, helping to increase the size of your breasts. However, for a number of reasons, there may come a time when you consider breast implant removal.

A breast implant removal procedure is straightforward, but there are always risks that need to be considered. If you want to ensure you achieve your best results, it all starts with preparation. Here, you’ll discover what it is and the best ways to prepare.

What is breast implant removal?

The surgery aims to remove implants inserted from a previous breast reconstruction or augmentation procedure. The surgeon can either remove them completely or replace them with new implants.

Incisions will be made around the nipple or underneath the breasts, giving the surgeon access to the implants. In some cases, a breast lift is carried out in conjunction with the implant removal procedure.

There are several reasons why patients choose to have their implants removed. It could be that they are causing pain, or the patient may change their mind and want a more natural look. Whatever the reason, it can help to get the breasts back to their natural state.

How can you prepare for breast implant removal?

The procedure is straightforward. However, it doesn’t come without its risks. If you want to increase the chances of a successful recovery, it’s a good idea to prepare for the procedure in advance. The best ways to prepare include:

  • Checking that your medications are safe
  • Quitting smoking
  • Not taking any herbal supplements, aspirin, or anti-inflammatory medication
  • Make sure you have somebody to take you home

Undergoing a medical assessment

If you are taking any medications, it is important to ensure they are safe to continue taking in the lead-up to the procedure. You can chat with the surgeon to see what they recommend when preparing for breast implant removal.

Smoking is known to increase the risk of complications. So, if you are a smoker, you will be advised to stop before undergoing the surgery. One of the main things to focus on is making sure you have plenty of time to rest and recover after the procedure. The body will need time to heal before you resume daily activities.

Overall, a breast implant removal procedure can help to combat pain, achieve a more natural look, and reduce the risks of complications. Book a consultation with Mr Tulley today to discuss the procedure and the results you can expect to experience.