Popular Cosmetic Surgeries After The Vaccination

Popular cosmetic surgeries

Now that the UK is steaming ahead with vaccinations, many of us are getting excited for summer.

If you are looking forward to the restrictions being lifted and you want to look your best, you may be considering undergoing cosmetic surgery. Here, we will look at the most popular cosmetic surgeries to have after the vaccination.


By far one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that you might want to consider after getting vaccinated, is liposuction. This is a great treatment for those with stubborn pockets of fat. Helping you to get beach-ready, this procedure can help to eliminate fat in the legs, arms, abdomen and buttocks.

The lockdowns have caused many people to gain a little weight and abscond from their regular exercise regime. So, liposuction is set to boom in popularity now a normal summer is to be expected.

Tummy tucks

Whether you have sagging skin or excess fat in the abdomen area, a tummy tuck can help. It is often used alongside liposuction to provide best results. The surgeon will remove any excess fat and skin, before tightening up the tissue and muscles. This is an extensive procedure which does require a lot of downtime. So, if you are looking to achieve results by the summer, now is the time to book a consultation.

Breast augmentation

There is usually an increase in the number of breast augmentation procedures carried out in spring. However, this year has seen a drastic rise in the number of patients seeking augmentation and lifts. Helping you to feel more confident on the beach or around the pool, these popular procedures have a high success rate.


Alongside surgical procedures, there has also been a huge increase in injectable treatments. These include Anti-Wrinkle Injections and fillers, helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, while creating a more youthful appearance. Requiring very little downtime, these temporary procedures are great for those who don’t have time to hide their recovery if they undergo a more extensive procedure.

These are the main cosmetic treatments that patients are requesting after they have been vaccinated. As we look to return to normal, undergoing cosmetic tweaks can help to greatly boost confidence.

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