What Do Patients Want? Top 5 Cosmetic Concerns

A new survey by the American Society for Dermatology Surgery has revealed society’s main cosmetic concerns. The number of people seeking cosmetic surgery has more than doubled since 2013. These days however, patients lean more towards technological procedures such as body sculpting, hair removal and skin tightening.

So there has certainly been a shift in the type of surgery preferred, but has there been a change in the types of problems being treated? Below we’ll look at the top 5 cosmetic concerns revealed.

1. Excess Weight – 83%

By far the biggest concern highlighted by the survey was excess weight. A massive 83% of respondents stated this as the biggest physical flaw they wouldn’t want to have. That could explain why liposuction procedures increased in the UK by 20% in 2015Liposuction has come a long way over the years and there are various ways it can be performed, with some being less invasive than others.

2. Lines, wrinkles around and under the eyes – 73%

It’s not surprising lines and wrinkles around and under the eyes came a close second with 73%. Two of the most common signs of ageing, they can seriously affect self-esteem and confidence. These days there are many procedures that can address lines and wrinkles including an eyelid or brow lift.

3. Submental/neck fat – 73%

One of the more surprising concerns revealed by the survey was neck fat. While the face is more commonly associated with the signs of ageing, the neck can also play a large role in how young we look. Surgeons are frequently carrying out neck lifts and liposuction to remove unsightly neck fat.

4. Skin texture and/or discolouration – 71%

Another concern are issues with skin texture and/or discolouration. It’s understandable when you think that we’re constantly bombarded of images of men and women with flawless skin. If you’re concerned about either of these issues, procedures such as chemical peels and laser skin rejuvenation can help.

5. Lines, wrinkles and/or folds in the mid-face, around the cheeks, mouth – 67%

Finally, a huge 67% of consumers are concerned about lines, wrinkles and folds around the mid-face area. While not as commonly treated as wrinkles around the forehead and eyes, facelift procedures to remove the signs of ageing around the mid-face area have increased dramatically.

So, those are the top 5 cosmetic concerns patients have today, but the good news is, whatever concern you do have, there’s at least one cosmetic procedure that can help.