The nose is a central feature of the face, impacting your overall appearance. While each one is unique, many people feel self-conscious about specific aspects, such as a drooping nose.

Whether it’s a result of genetics, ageing, or even past injuries, a drooping nose can cause issues with confidence and self-esteem. However, there are modern cosmetic procedures available that can refine and lift the nose, helping to restore balance.

Here, you’ll discover what causes a drooping nose, and how nose reshaping techniques can help to correct the issue.

What is a drooping nose and why does it occur?

The term ‘drooping nose’ refers to a nasal tip that points or slopes downward, rather than pointing out or sitting straight. It’s a little dip at the end of your nose and there are several reasons it can occur.

For some, it’s linked with genetics, a feature passed down through family generations. For others, age may be the culprit. As we grow older, our skin loses elasticity, and the supportive structures of the nose can weaken, leading to a slight droop. Accidents or injuries can also change the nose’s shape, causing it to droop.

Whatever the cause, if it’s causing issues with your confidence and happiness, there are ways to fix it.

Can nose reshaping help?

Nose reshaping, often known as rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to alter the nose’s shape or improve its function. For those with a drooping nose, specific techniques can help to lift and redefine the nasal tip.

Your surgeon will delicately adjust the cartilage and tissues to create a more uplifted appearance. The end goal is to achieve a natural and balanced look that fits perfectly with your facial features.

While it is a common procedure, nose reshaping is complex and requires the skill of an experienced, board-certified surgeon.

Treating a drooping nose

If you’re considering treatment for a drooping nose, a consultation with a skilled surgeon is the first step you’ll need to take. They’ll assess the structure of your nose, discuss your desired outcome, and recommend the best approach.

Sometimes, a non-surgical procedure using fillers may be suggested to provide a temporary lift. However, for a more lasting change, surgical intervention like nose reshaping might be the way to go to achieve your desired end result.

The procedure can range from minimally invasive adjustments to more comprehensive reshaping, depending on individual needs.

If you’re looking to correct a drooping nose, schedule an appointment with leading cosmetic surgeon, Mr Paul Tulley. After discussing your needs and expectations, he will recommend the best treatment approach to help achieve your desired look.