Non-Surgical Procedures Not Always an Easy Fix

Courtney Cox has recently hit the headlines after admitting she regrets trying to defy the ageing process with non-surgical treatments.

Speaking to Bear Grylls, Cox admitted that getting older isn’t easy; particularly when you’re in the spotlight. After looking back at photos of herself after having various treatments, Cox claims she looked horrible, but says she has now learned from her mistakes and is embracing the ageing process.

Know the risks of non-surgical procedures

There’s a lot of pressure placed onto women today, leading many to turn to non-surgical solutions. Seen as a safe alternative to surgery, these minimally invasive treatments aren’t approached with the same amount of caution as they perhaps should be. It’s important to know there are risks involved – particularly with the newer treatments.

Dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and chemical peels can all have a devastating effect on the skin, especially if they’re carried out by inexperienced practitioners. Facial filler injections are one of the most common non-surgical treatments offered, but did you know they are completely unregulated? This means literally anybody can inject them.

If facial fillers are inserted into the wrong part of the face, it can result in hard lumps developing under the skin, pain and swelling. If they are accidentally inserted into the retinal artery, they could even lead to blindness. So the risks are severe, yet most consumers know very little about what could go wrong.

The importance of choosing a reliable practitioner

Of course, when done correctly non-surgical procedures do have fewer risks. However, it is absolutely vital you choose a reliable practitioner with an outstanding reputation.

You should never have them done on the high street, regardless of how cheap they are. Not only does this increase the risks, but you could end up looking a lot worse, rather than better!

Overall non-surgical procedures need to be approached with the same amount of caution as surgery. Failure to understand the risks and take your time to find a good practitioner could leave you with a lot more problems than you started off with.