New Year, New You? Think Before You Commit

The new year is the perfect time to start afresh, make resolutions of the things you want to change and strive to become the best version of yourself. While millions of women resolve to lose weight and become healthier, some want a more extreme makeover.

Cosmetic clinics across the UK see a surge in appointments during January, with many women desperate to look like their favourite celebrities. However, before you take the plunge and undergo drastic cosmetic changes, it’s important to really think about it and ensure you’re 100% certain it’s what you want.

Many feel the pressure for new year perfection

These days, there’s a lot of pressure placed upon women to look perfect. The rise of selfies has caused a huge increase in the number of women seeking cosmetic procedures to look their best, and the new year is adding extra pressure. From nose jobs to chin augmentation, people want to look flawless for their next selfie.

There’s also been a rise in women undergoing cosmetic procedures to look like their favourite celebrities. One New York woman, Bunny Smith, has recently hit the headlines after she admitted she had spent a huge $15,000 to look like the supermodel Bella Hadid. However, her cosmetic procedures aren’t finished as she plans to have even more surgery in the near future.

The sad truth is, if you’re striving for perfection, you’re never going to be happy. There is always something you can change and cosmetic surgery can become addictive. So, before you rush out and book an appointment, it’s important to consider whether it’s the right choice for you.

Is surgery the best option for you?

The BAAPS has created a list of safety guidelines for consumers to follow before they undergo cosmetic treatments.
Perhaps the most important thing you need to consider before having surgery is why you want it. Is it something you’ve wanted for a long time or is it a spontaneous decision? Any type of cosmetic procedure, regardless of how small, should be researched thoroughly before you decide whether it’s right for you.

Be aware of the risks and always book a consultation so you can discuss the procedure and ensure you have realistic expectations of the results. Get to know the surgeon and ensure they have a lot of experience performing the type of procedure you want to undergo.

Overall cosmetic surgery isn’t something you should just rush into. It’s also important to realise that you may not get the results you’re expecting. Always talk through your options with a reliable cosmetic surgeon before you go ahead and have any work done.