New Netflix Show Changing the Stigma Around Cosmetic Surgery Choice

Netflix Show Changing Cosmetic Surgery Choice Stigma

TV shows about cosmetic surgery haven’t always gone down too well with critics. Often known to contribute to negative body image, few shows have proven successful. However, a new Netflix show is changing the stigma around cosmetic surgery choice.

Skin Decision: Before and After follows patients as they go under the knife. While it is initially a makeover show, it also delves into the positive effect’s surgery can have on a patient’s life. Informative and powerful, could the show help people make a better-informed choice about going under the knife?

What is the new show?

Skin Decision: Before and After is one of the first cosmetic shows to handle cosmetic surgery with care. It doesn’t glamorise surgery, instead it provides a more informative and realistic look at what happens before and after a procedure.

Airing on Netflix, each episode follows two patients. You learn why they made the decision to go under the knife, as well as their experience after undergoing the procedure. Some of the stories are heart wrenching. This is what sets it apart from your average cosmetic surgery show. Most people view cosmetic surgery as a simple cosmetic option. However, the stories featured on the show prove it can have significant positive effects on people’s lives.

Understanding the positive effects of cosmetic surgery

Little is often said about the positive impact cosmetic surgery can have on a patient’s life. For many people, it isn’t about vanity. Instead, it’s about developing self-confidence and regaining their life.

In particular, it can be a life-changing option for those who have suffered an accident or illness which has left them with deformities. Many patients who choose to have surgery, have spent a lot of time avoiding going out in public, or wearing what they want to wear. So, having surgery can really help them to get their life back.

While cosmetic surgery is a major decision, it does have the power to drastically improve lives. This new Netflix show helps to eliminate the stigma and show patients exactly what they can expect.