Mr Paul Tulley on Channel 4 program How to Lose Weight Well

Mr Paul Tulley on Channel 4's How to Lose Weight Well

London Cosmetic Surgeon on TV's How to Lose Weight WellDr Xand van Tulleken is well known for presenting popular TV programmes with his identical twin brother Dr Chris van Tulleken.

The series looks at a number of different types of diets and their effectiveness. In episode 2 of the current series, How to Lose Weight Well, a patient is shown undergoing extensive VASER liposuction with significant fat grafting, to improve and optimise the contours of his trunk and arms. London cosmetic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley was asked to discuss briefly the benefits and risks of VASER.

The patient shown on the program underwent extensive VASER (ultrasound assisted) liposuction with fat grafting. This is a more aggressive and much longer procedure than standard tumescent liposuction. It is useful in slim patients who desire a ‘ripped’ gym/muscular/athletic look. However, it carries more risks in terms of visible irregularity (and fat embolism in the case of fat grafting). It should only be performed by surgeons with significant experience of its use, and care must be used in slimmer patients particularly women.

For most patients, tumescent liposuction is an effective and safe procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon, and produces very good results.

VASER carries the risk in slim women of producing significant irregularities that are very difficult to correct with further surgery, if not performed in the correct manner.