Millennials and cosmetic surgery

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The number of millennials undergoing cosmetic surgery has skyrocketed in recent years. Opting for non-invasive treatments to help them appear younger, the millennial generation is more concerned with their appearance than ever before.

Figures show that people under the age of 34 are now undergoing more procedures than those aged 51-64. So, what’s driving the cosmetic surgery trend in millennials and what procedures are proving most popular?

Why are millennials opting for cosmetic surgery?

There are many factors which have contributed to an increase in millennials opting for cosmetic surgery. However, two of the main ones include the rise of social media and celebrity procedures.

Social media sites such as Instagram, have placed a lot of pressure onto the younger generation to maintain a perfect image. Despite most Instagram influencers admitting to using some form of filters to improve their appearance, many younger people are unaware that the images they see aren’t 100% real. Therefore, they strive to achieve that perfect image, resorting to minimally invasive procedures to help keep them Instagram ready.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, have also fuelled the cosmetic surgery trend in younger people. There is no longer the stigma there used to be relating to cosmetic surgery. So, celebrities are now much more open to the work they have had done. It is considered part of the norm now to go under the knife to alter your appearance, making it easier for millennials to openly undergo procedures.

These are just a couple of factors contributing to the rise in millennial cosmetic surgery.

Which procedures are they undergoing?

There are a couple of things millennials appear to be most concerned with. The first is having a well-defined face with an angular profile. The second is young, flawless skin.

Many millennials see cosmetic procedures as a preventative method. They use them to avoid developing skin troubles in later life. This does make sense as those who go to have wrinkles and fine lines treated in older age find they are more difficult to eliminate once the wrinkles have developed deep within the skin.

Overall, more millennials than ever before are opting to go under the knife. Some experts predict that over the next five years, millennials will account for 50% of procedures carried out. For more advice, call 020 7183 1559 to arrange a consultation with leading London cosmetic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley.