Breast Uplift

Breast uplift surgery is a common procedure carried out on women after breastfeeding and to correct natural droop caused by ageing. It aims to lift the breasts, providing a more youthful, attractive appearance. It’s also referred to as mastopexy and can involve a number of different techniques. It can be performed alone, or in conjunction with breast augmentation.

As well as lifting the breasts, Mr Paul Tulley can also reshape and reposition them to achieve a fuller appearance.

What does a breast uplift entail?

While techniques do vary depending upon what you want to achieve, typically small incisions are made around and below the nipple. These may be noticeable but should fade over time. Excess skin will be removed before the nipple is placed higher and the tissue is reshaped.

It generally takes two to three hours. If you’re also having breast augmentation, the implants will be inserted either at the back of the chest muscle or underneath the tissue of the breast. The incisions will be closed with stitches.

What is the recovery like after a breast uplift?

Breast uplift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, meaning you will have to stay in hospital overnight. Dressings will be changed after a week and like other breast surgery, you will need to wear a sports bra or compression garments for six weeks while the breasts fully heal. Some patients may be required to have fine tubes inserted for a couple of days to drain any excess fluid into a bottle or bag.

What should you take into account when planning a mastopexy?

The majority of patients go back to work after two weeks, though any sporting activities will need to be avoided for around a month. While breast uplift surgery doesn’t always affect whether you can breastfeed, it will if the nipples have been repositioned.

What will we discuss during a breast uplift consultation?

It’s important to understand the potential risks and complications of breast uplift surgery prior to having it done. Mr Paul Tulley will explain these to you in detail during the consultation. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you have regarding the procedure.

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