Is Plastic Surgery Giving People a Boost This Lockdown?

cosmetic surgery

As the pandemic continues, cosmetic surgeons have never been busier. Many people are using their unexpected free time during lockdown to get cosmetic work done. Interestingly, the pandemic itself has also impacted cosmetic surgery trends.

Here, we’ll look at some of the ways lockdown has encouraged a rise in cosmetic surgery procedures.

How has the lockdown boosted cosmetic surgery?

The lockdown has had a huge impact on people’s lives. Millions of people have had to switch to working from home, while others have been left furloughed for months on end. This has given them the opportunity to undergo procedures they otherwise wouldn’t have had time for.

As the lockdown means you won’t need to see other people for weeks, or even months, it gives you the opportunity to hide any work you do have done. These are just a couple of the main factors that have caused a rise in cosmetic surgery throughout the pandemic.

Has social pressure led to the rise in cosmetic surgery?

The rise in video calls has led to an increase in requests for surgery. A recent study has shown that many people are starting to experience what is being referred to as ‘Zoom dysmorphia’.

After watching yourself on video calls, it can trigger a self-conscious approach. People want to look good for their video calls, so they undergo surgery to improve their facial appearance.

Social media use has also increased, creating ‘selfie pressure’. The lockdown has forced us to confront how we look, with many unhappy about what they see in videos and photos of themselves.

Is now a good time to undergo surgery?

Now might be the perfect time to undergo cosmetic surgery. However, there are also things to consider before deciding to go ahead straight away.

Patients who are thinking of going under the knife to improve their confidence on video calls might want to rethink. When surgery is carried out for mental health purposes, patients often end up regretting their decisions.

If you are going to undergo surgery, it should be for a procedure you’ve been considering for a while. The lockdown gives you a chance to properly recover and hide the work if you want to.

Overall, it’s not hard to see why the lockdown has increased the number of cosmetic surgery enquiries. The above are just some of the main factors contributing to the rise. If you are thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery during the lockdown, make sure you book a consultation with Mr Tulley to determine whether it’s the right decision.