Instagram: the Cosmetic Surgery Conundrum

According to recent figures, the number of cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in 2016 dropped by 40%. Analysts claim this is down to an increase in more relatable celebrities appearing on social media sites such as Instagram. However, it wasn’t long ago that social media sites were blamed for a dramatic rise in cosmetic surgery.

So, what’s the truth? Does social media really have any impact on our decision to have surgery or is that just what the media would like us to believe?

BAAPS claims financial constraints could have caused decline

The figures showing cosmetic surgery procedures had dropped by 40% in 2016 were released by the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

While entertainment and fashion experts claim the drop rate is down to more relatable and natural celebrities rising to fame on Instagram such as beauty Vlogger Zoella, the BAAPS claims it is more likely down to financial constraints.
What’s interesting, is that although the number of surgical procedures has dropped, the number of non-surgical procedures are still rising at a steady pace. The reduction comes after a record high in 2015.

More celebrities having previous cosmetic surgery reversed

Another contributing factor to the decline in cosmetic surgery procedures could be down to famous celebrities undergoing reversal procedures. Katie Price and Victoria Beckham have both recently undergone reversal surgeries to regain a more natural look. If you take a look at current cosmetic surgery trends for 2017, you’ll also see there’s been a shift in more natural procedures.

It’s the combination of a strive for a more natural appearance, along with the rise in fame of more natural looking celebrities which has likely contributed towards the decline. However, social media has caused an increase in non-surgical procedures, especially amongst millennials, who strive for the perfect selfie.

Overall, it appears social media is influencing our decision to undergo cosmetic procedures. However, it is non-invasive procedures which are taking over, rather than dramatic surgical procedures.

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