The Importance of the Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

importance of the cosmetic surgery consultation

In this digital age, it’s not uncommon for patients to search for cosmetic surgery information online. You can find out practically anything with a quick Google search. However, as a recent study discovered, websites aren’t generally the best place to get an overall picture of what cosmetic surgery procedures involve.

The research, carried out by the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, discovered many websites are offering incomplete information to prospective patients. This highlights the importance of the cosmetic surgery consultation. Here, you’ll discover why having a consultation is essential and what you can expect during the appointment.

Why book a cosmetic surgery consultation?

Regardless of which type of procedure you’re considering, a consultation is crucial. It gives you the opportunity to discuss the procedure and find out more about the risks and complications which could arise.

Being aware of the risks is important, as too is having realistic expectations. It could be that the procedure you’re considering isn’t actually the best one to help you achieve your desired results. In this instance, your cosmetic surgeon will advise you of your options and which treatments they feel would benefit you the most.

You’ll get to know your cosmetic surgeon and determine how experienced and qualified they are. Finding a surgeon who you can trust is paramount as even non-invasive procedures can go wrong if performed incorrectly.

These are just some of the reasons a consultation is important. It may come at an additional cost, but the peace of mind it can provide and help you to ensure you’re undergoing the right procedure makes it more than worthwhile.

What can you expect?

So, what can you expect when you have a cosmetic surgery consultation? Well, firstly you’ll need to talk about the things you want to change and why you want to change them. Ask your cosmetic surgeon whether the procedure you’re considering is ideal for your circumstances and make sure they fully explain all potential risks and complications.

Ask to see before and afters of previous patients who have undergone a similar procedure to you as this can be a good indication that they can produce the results you’re hoping for. Check how much experience they have in the particular procedure you’re contemplating and how they would address any issues that could occur.

You can also find out what will happen during the procedure, as well as what to expect from the recovery. It’s a good idea to take a list of questions with you so that you don’t forget to ask anything.

If you’re thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery, the information we provide on this website is just a brief outline of the procedures we offer. Book a comprehensive, expert and unbiased consultation with Mr Tulley to find out if cosmetic surgery is the right choice for you.