Breast Augmentation

Breast implants will eventually require an exchange, usually many years after the initial procedure. Whilst many patients choose to replace them with new implants, some patients prefer to remove them and either replace the volume with fat grafting, or in some case undergo a breast lift – this uses the patient’s own breast tissue lifted into a better position and shape to replace the fullness provided by the implant.

This procedure is best suited to patients whose breasts have gained volume around the implant over time, e.g. due to changes with breastfeeding or weight fluctuation.

What does an auto-augmentation procedure involve?

During surgery, once the implants and associated scar tissue have been removed a vertical pattern mastopexy is performed to lift and reshape the patients own tissues. This produces a hemispherical, pert breast, sitting higher on the chest wall, with the nipple lifted and fuller upper poles.

The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and takes between 3 and 3.5 hours approximately.

What incisions are made during a breast implant removal mastopexy?

The incisions are placed around the areola margin, vertically down the lower pole, and a short incision in the crease under the breast that isn’t visible.

In a minority of patients with very large breasts a full mastopexy is required after implant removal. This uses incisions placed around the areola margin, vertically down the lower pole, and a longer incision hidden in the crease under the breast.

What is the recovery like after a implant removal and mastopexy procedure?

This procedure usually involves a one-night stay in hospital or can be performed as a day case in some patients. Typically, you’ll required 14 days off work, depending on the type of employment.

Dressings are changed at 7 days and stitches removed at 14 days post-op. Sport should be avoided for six weeks. Mr Paul Tulley recommends wearing a thin Lycra bra for six weeks post-procedure to provide support during the healing process. By this stage, the final breast volume should be apparent.

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