How to Get Ahead in Business – Why Looks Are Important

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Are you trying to get ahead in business? The answer, according to recent studies, could be your looks.
More men and women than ever before are going under the knife to get ahead in their careers. Why? Because studies reveal attractive people gain faster promotions, get hired quicker and are even paid more than their less attractive colleagues. So, why are looks so important and should you consider cosmetic surgery to help you get ahead?

Why looks matter in business

As research reveals, attractive colleagues earn as much as 4% more than less attractive colleagues, the question is why do looks matter? Well, the fact of the matter is beauty sells.
In a very recent study published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal, impressions of women before and after cosmetic surgery were analysed. Across the board, the women were seen as healthier, more attractive, younger and, interestingly, more successful after a facelift.
Attractive employees tend to bring in a lot more money into the business, making employers view them as valuable assets. This is especially true in sales positions. If people are drawn to somebody’s looks, they are much more likely to buy something from them. However, it isn’t all down to appearance alone. Attractive people also tend to have appealing personality traits such as high self-confidence, which make them better in business.
So, as looks are determined an important factor in business, should you consider going under the knife?

Is career progression a good reason to undergo cosmetic surgery?

Patients should only ever consider undergoing cosmetic surgery if it will deliver a positive, healthy outcome. That is, it should be something they really want, rather than doing it for somebody else.
In terms of career progression, there’s certainly nothing wrong in wanting to look better to get ahead. There are also many non-invasive treatments available these days which can really help. This means you won’t necessarily need to go under the knife to achieve younger, flawless looking results.
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