Eye-tracking tech used to determine ideal breast aesthetic appearance

ideal breast aesthetic appearance

In order to provide the best aesthetic appearance during breast augmentation, surgeons have taken to using eye-tracking technology. As surgeons can have different ideas relating to ideal breast aesthetics, the technology is helping to give them a more general view of what to focus on.

Here, we’ll look at how eye-tracking technology is helping surgeons to develop an ideal aesthetic appearance of the breast.

Technology determines which part of the breasts people focus on

Predictably, there were some notable differences between sexes on which part of the breast they focus on. However, surprisingly there was one major point of focus that both sexes appeared to notice more than others and that’s the nipples.

Not only were the nipples identified as being the first place both sexes look, but it was also the place attention lingered for the longest. The lower breast was also a common fixation point, whereas the upper part of the breast attracted the least attention.

Understanding the study into ideal breast aesthetic appearance

The study, published within the December issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, included 50 male and 50 female observers. They were asked to assess the symmetry and aesthetics of eight different types of female breasts.

Each of the breast types featured a different level of sagging and changes in size. The eye-tracking technology was used to determine where participants were looking and how long they were focusing on different areas of the breast.

Helping surgeons to produce better results

What’s great about this new technology is that it can help plastic surgeons to identify the best areas of the breast to focus on. While ultimately the decision will be down to the patient, surgeons can use these results to advise them on the best aesthetic changes which could be made.

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