Brow lift

The endoscopic brow lift is a highly effective procedure to lift brows that have drooped with age, however, the results of a brow lift should appear natural. When used correctly, it creates a very flattering and youthful look.

So what exactly is an endoscopic brow lift and what can you expect from the procedure?

Am I a suitable candidate for an endoscopic brow lift?

As your face starts to age, like everything, the brows may gradually start to droop, caused by a combination of muscle and skin laxity. This leaves behind a more tired appearance and causes the upper eyelids to become heavier.

An endoscopic brow lift helps to raise the brows into their original position, leaving you with a more energetic and youthful look. Patients can also choose to have the procedure to improve the natural shape of the brows.

Are there any complications to expect from a brow lift?

The side effects will be discussed with you during your initial assessment with Mr Paul Tulley before the procedure is carried out. Most patients are given a general anaesthetic and will be required to stay in overnight.

What does an endoscopic brow lift involve?

During the surgery, five tiny incisions are made within the hairline. An endoscope or surgical scope is then used to elevate the brow and attach it to a better position. Very rarely does the entire brow need to be lifted, it’s usually only the lateral brow that requires treatment.

What is the recovery like after an endoscopic brow lift?

The procedure tends to take one to two hours and is a minimally invasive treatment. For four to 12 weeks after the procedure, it’s not uncommon for the brow to feel numb. Once the numbness wears off this can cause either slight itching or shooting pains.

Other facial rejuvenation procedures?

The procedure can be carried out alone or in conjunction with a facelift or blepharoplasty. To find out which is the best option for you, book a consultation with Mr Tulley by calling 020 7183 1559 or use the contact form.