‘Designer vagina’ surgery on the rise

designer vagina surgery

Where America leads we often follow, particularly when it comes to cosmetic enhancements. The latest cosmetic surgery figures from the US showed a steady growth across all face, breast and body ops, but one particular procedure saw a staggering explosion.

Labiaplasty procedures have increased by over 200% in the past five years in the US according to their annual survey, cementing the global trend picked up by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery organisation last year. In 2015/16 they found that labiaplasty, or the remodelling of the outer covering of the vagina, had exploded with a 45% increase worldwide on the previous year.

So, what is behind this growing demand for labiaplasty proceduresIt’s thought that waxing, together with increases in exercise eg SoulCycle-type spin classes has made women more aware of their anatomy. Many also may experience discomfort when exercising. Also, with athletic wear brands such as Fabletics and Lululemon fast becoming desirable everyday wear, a desire for a more attractive appearance in tight gym pants often drives women to seek a surgical solution.

Often women see a change to the appearance of the labia after childbirth and this can greatly impact on their self-confidence. Greater media coverage is also a factor and at our central London cosmetic surgery clinic we are seeing more and more women who have now become aware that there is a procedure that can help.

What does a labiaplasty entail?

Depending on your individual concerns, we reshape the labial minora or inner lips of the vagina to produce a smoother, smaller and generally neater shape. If symmetry is an issue, then we can greatly improve this as well.

Typically, a labiaplasty is performed under general anaesthetic but as a day case as it is relatively quick to perform. Scarring is not generally an issue as they are hidden in the natural folds of the labia. The clitoris is not affected during the procedure.

In the recovery period, we will advise you to wear surgical pads and provided with topical and oral antibiotics. There is usually some mild swelling in the first week but that quickly settles down. Sutures used to close incisions are absorbable.

And, the good news is that patients typically can resume normal activities – whether that’s a spin class or yoga session – within just a few weeks. For more information, call us on 020 7118 6887.