Dermal Fillers Restore Youthful Appearance as Well as Filling Wrinkles

A new study has revealed that dermal fillers can restore a more youthful appearance as well as fill out wrinkles. The study, carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, published its findings within the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal.

Here, we’ll look at what the study revealed and how dermal fillers could prove to be a great anti-ageing treatment.

How do dermal fillers combat facial ageing?

A total of 30 women were included in the latest study which used 3D digital stereophotogrammetry. This unique technique enables precise measurements of the facial stretch as well as compression.

The women were aged between 41 and 65, and they were due to undergo dermal filler procedures to treat lines and wrinkles within the lower face. Scans using the innovative technique were carried out before the treatment, then again six weeks after the procedure.

The results of the scans were compared against 20 younger women aged between 25 and 35. Prior to the dermal filler treatment, it showed much higher stretch profiles than the younger women. However, the scans after the treatment showed significant improvements in all facial expressions.

The results show that dermal fillers can do wonders for improving the signs of ageing across the entire face, rather than just filling in wrinkles and lines.

Are dermal fillers as effective as a facelift?

The results from dermal fillers can be impressive. They can certainly produce the same youthful appearance as a facelift. However, the results are only temporary.

Patients will be required to undergo frequent filler treatments if they want to maintain the results. With a facelift, however, the results will last for many years before the procedure needs to be redone to maintain that youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers vs the facelift

Compared to a facelift, the risks and complications of dermal fillers are minimal. However, it is still worth being aware of them before you undergo the procedure.

The most common risks include asymmetry, lumps, bruising, acne style breakouts and infection. These risks can all be reduced by ensuring you’re having the dermal fillers carried out by an experienced surgeon.

Overall, this new research is great news for those thinking of having dermal filler treatment to achieve a more youthful appearance. Before undergoing the treatment, however, it is important to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon to ensure it is the right treatment option for you.