Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

Weight loss is something many people strive for, and it can deliver excellent health benefits. However, many patients are left frustrated and embarrassed after losing a large amount of weight due to leftover excess skin. You may be left with loose, heavy folds that hang down from the stomach, arms, and legs.

The only way to eliminate this excess skin is through surgery. However, before jumping in and undergoing cosmetic surgery after weight loss, there are things you’ll need to consider.

How long should I wait before undergoing surgery?

Ideally, you should wait at least 18 months after losing weight to undergo cosmetic surgery. This gives the skin plenty of chance to shrink and ensures your weight loss is stable. You should quit smoking, and ensure you are generally healthy before the procedure. This will limit complications and improve the results.

What is body contouring and how can it help?

After weight loss, patients can undergo a number of body contouring procedures. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Lower body lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Arm lift
  • Breast surgery

Anywhere that excess skin and fat has been left over can be treated with an effective procedure. The goal of body contouring surgeries is to target small areas of the body. They correct issues that can’t be fixed through diet and exercise.

According to research, patients who undergo body contouring procedures after weight loss experience significant improvement in their emotional wellbeing, quality of life, physical function, and body image satisfaction.

Can I undergo multiple surgeries at once?

Multiple surgeries may be recommended to help you achieve your dream body. For example, liposuction may be carried out alongside an arm lift. Various procedures can be carried out at the same time, though this will depend on your overall health.

Sometimes combining different surgeries is the best way to achieve the results you are looking for. You can speak to your surgeon to determine which procedures are right for you.

If you have recently lost a lot of weight and you have been left with excess skin or fat, book a consultation with Mr Paul Tulley today. He will help you choose the best procedures to address the issue, leaving you with your dream, toned body that you worked hard for.