Correcting Different Sized Breasts

Different sized breasts

Breast asymmetry is extremely common, but it can be more noticeable in some people than others. If your different sized breasts are getting in the way of you leading a happy life, it is possible to get them corrected.

Here, we’ll look at what causes breast asymmetry and how you can correct it through surgery.

What causes different sized breasts?

Breast asymmetry can be caused by many different factors. When you are going through puberty, the left and right breast tend to grow at different rates. This can mean they won’t show as symmetrical until they have stopped growing. However, it’s common for the breasts to remain slightly different in size even after they have stopped developing.

You may also find that your breasts change shape throughout your life, often due to hormonal changes. These include:

  • When you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • During your menstrual cycle
  • Near or during the menopause
  • When you take hormonal contraceptives

If the change in the size of the breasts is down to hormonal changes, they will usually return to normal when your hormones do. In some cases, the asymmetry may be down to an underlying issue such as Poland Syndrome, or Tubular breasts.

Poland Syndrome is said to affect around 1 in 10,000 people. It is present from birth and can cause underdeveloped breasts in women. With that being said, it is three times more prevalent in men than in women. So, while it is a possibility, your breast asymmetry is most likely going to be down to hormonal changes or due to development during puberty.

One key thing is to check breasts regularly. If the asymmetry is new or changing, it is best to get it checked by your doctor.

Understanding the breast asymmetry procedure

A breast asymmetry procedure aims to make the breasts appear more symmetrical. It can be carried out in several ways. The exact technique will depend upon the severity of the asymmetry, and whether the breasts need to be enlarged or reduced.

If a smaller breast needs to be corrected, implants or expanders can be used. If the breast needs to be reduced, a mastopexy or a breast uplift may also be recommended to help produce the best results. You will be told which treatment best fits you during your consultation.

Whichever technique is being used; it will be carried out under general anaesthetic. The recovery time will vary depending on which treatment you had. However, breast asymmetry treatments typically require at least a two-week recovery period before you return to work. And you should avoid strenuous activity for up to a month.

Different sized breasts can be a concern, greatly impacting your quality of life. A breast asymmetry procedure can help to correct the size difference, giving you back your confidence and self-esteem. If uneven breasts are affecting you, book a consultation with Paul Tulley. You can discuss which breast asymmetry procedure could be the right choice for you.