In order to appear ‘normal’, all of the different elements of the face need to be within proportion. This includes the cheeks, cheekbones, nose and chin. It is actually the nose and the chin that make the biggest difference to the aesthetics of the face. So, if either is larger or smaller than the other, it can throw the balance completely off. The visual effect caused by this can have a negative impact on the quality of life.

A chin augmentation can often help achieve a more balanced, more attractive appearance. It can also be combined with a rhinoplasty for optimal results.

What is a chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation involves either reshaping the bones, or increasing the size of the chin with implants. X-rays will typically be carried out by Mr Paul Tulley during the planning stage to establish which parts of the chin require surgery.

What happens during a chin enlargement?

If you’re simply having the chin enlarged, an incision is made either under the chin or in the mouth. A pocket will then be created underneath the muscles and in front of the bone of the chin. An implant is then placed into the pocket and secured with screws or sutures. The actual implant itself can be created from biological inserts such as silicone, or from body fat and bone. Once the procedure has been completed, the cut is closed with sutures.

What happens if the chin needs to be reshaped?

If the bones need to be reshaped, the incision will be made along the gum of the lower jaw. A chisel or bone saw will then be used to create a cut into the jaw bone. The bone is then moved before being screwed or wired into place. Stitches are used to close the cut and a bandage is placed over it. The advantage of having the procedure carried out within the mouth is that there will be no visible scarring. It usually takes between one and three hours.

What downtime can I expect after a chin augmentation?

Both procedures are carried out under general anaesthetic. There is a risk of bruising and swelling and you may feel some discomfort after the surgery. It’s also possible you may have numbness in the chin for around three months. Swelling should go down within six weeks.

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