Celebrity Dermatologist Reveals Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends

latest cosmetic surgery trends

Dr Harold Lancer, a top celebrity dermatologist in the US, has revealed the top cosmetic surgery procedures his clients currently can’t get enough of. He’s also revealed the procedures that are being left behind.

Trends are constantly changing within the cosmetic surgery field. Therefore, those looking to keep up, need to understand what’s hot and what’s not when they’re considering going under the knife. Here, we’ll look at which trends are taking over, and which are being left behind.

Which procedures are celebs loving right now?

Minimally invasive procedures are leading the way according to Dr Lancer. His celeb clients include the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie and Kim Kardashian West. Liposuction and anti-wrinkle injections remain the number one go-to treatments for celebs, however there’s also been a rise in mini liposculpting and mini Babytox procedures. These target much smaller areas, producing more natural results.

Lifted earlobes and noses are also becoming popular. These are produced using fillers and injections and lifted earlobes are proving particularly popular. Women are also choosing to undergo micro-needling on their cleavage, rather than undergoing breast augmentation.

Which cosmetic surgery procedures are being left behind?

The rise in natural looking, minimally invasive procedures might make you think that more invasive procedures such as a full conventional facelift is falling out of popularity. Mr Paul Tulley is still seeing strong demand for facial rejuvenation surgery, though, because for many patients, the non-surgical procedures will just not deliver the results they are looking for. However, we have seen a shift away from butt implants, which celebs such as Kim Kardashian made famous.

Things to consider before choosing an ‘on-trend’ procedure

While it may be tempting to jump in on the latest cosmetic trend, you really need to consider the long-term implications. Butt implants are the perfect example. A few years ago, butt implant were all the rage, but now natural butt lifts are the preferred option and London plastic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley is seeing an increase in patients wanting buttock enhancement with fat transfer. This means those who did undergo butt implants may now be regretting the decision as the trend dies off.

You need to ensure that the procedure you are considering, is one you absolutely want. Will you be happy with the results a few years down the line? Cosmetic surgery is a permanent solution, so it should never be done purely to satisfy a passing trend.

The best way to determine whether the procedure you are considering is right for you, is to book a consultation with a respected and experienced surgeon. They will be able to advise you on potential alternative procedures and whether you’re likely to gain the results you’re expecting.