Can the Brazilian Butt Lift ever be a safe procedure?

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift has become a popular procedure in recent years, as reality TV stars and social media influencers embrace a new body contour that highlights a more enhanced bottom. However, it has also come under fire as being one of the most dangerous procedures patients can undergo.

A large number of women have experienced a variety of issues after undergoing this popular procedure, with some complications even resulting in death. As a result, the leading independent UK plastic surgery association has recommended that its members do not perform this procedure until more evidence is collected.

This action by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, also known as BAAPS, goes further than the warnings issued by the American and Australian plastic surgery associations, even though both countries have seen a number of much-publicised fatalities as a result of this procedure.

So, can the Brazilian butt lift ever be classed as a safe procedure? Here, we’ll take a look at a recent study into the procedure which looked at how to make the Brazilian butt lift safer for the patient.

New study proposes a different, safer technique

In order to address the safety issues over the Brazilian butt lift, two New York-based plastic surgeons led a study to propose a potentially safer technique.

The procedure entails taking fat from one part of the body, such as the abdomen, and then injecting it into the buttocks. However, it’s thought to have the highest death rate of all cosmetic surgery ops due to the risk of injected fat into the large veins situated in the target area which can then travel to the brain or heart.

The US study started by looking at how fat patterns spread out after the injections were made into the gluteal area. Four separate approaches to the procedure were assessed, with three of them showing the fat was largely spread into the subcutaneous area. It was concluded that subcutaneous migration helps to prevent the fat from spreading to the gluteal muscle providing it was injected into the identified safe zone.

So, a Brazilian butt lift may be deemed safe here in the UK at a future date, if an accepted technique and guidelines are produced.

The risks of having a Brazilian butt lift abroad

Most complications experienced with Brazilian butt lift procedures have occurred when patients have travelled abroad for the procedure. The lure of cheaper costs can be extremely dangerous as many patients don’t realise surgeons abroad don’t always have the same level of training or experience and the regulations for cosmetic surgery differ between countries. Travelling back to your home country directly after your surgical procedure where you will be far away from your surgeon during your recovery period, also increases the risk of suffering more severe complications.

BAAPS represents the majority of consultant plastic surgeons in the UK and members have to have all the relevant experience and qualifications as well as take part in the organisation’s annual safety audit. As it has recommended in very strong terms that its members do not offer this procedure at the current time, patients should beware of any surgeon that does offer the procedure and certainly should not travel abroad to have the procedure done.

As a BAAPS member, Mr Paul Tulley will not offer the Brazilian butt lift until the BAAPS reports its findings. The latest study does provide hope that patients may be able to undergo this popular body contouring procedure in the future. However, we will have to wait until the BAAPS has fully reviewed the procedure and more data is collected.