Can Cosmetic Surgery Really Make you Look Like your Celebrity Idol?

While the majority of patients who undergo cosmetic surgery may admire a facial or body feature on their favourite celebrity, some hope, through numerous procedures, to look identical to their idol. But is it possible to look exactly like somebody else?

Understanding the limitations of cosmetic surgery

The results you can experience through cosmetic surgery are fantastic. However, there are important limitations you need to be aware of and ensure that your cosmetic surgery expectations are realistic.

Each of us has our own unique bone structure. This means our features vary significantly. So, unless you have a very similar bone structure to your favourite celebrity, it’s going to be very difficult, and often impossible, to look exactly like them.

Unlike many facial surgery procedures which aim to tackle ageing changes, a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to alter or enhance the nose, often after many years of dissatisfaction with its appearance. As a result, London cosmetic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley finds rhinoplasty patients the most likely to request a certain look. Although it is sometimes possible to give patients a sculpted tip or more defined bridge like their favourite star, it’s essential to realise that a nose must be in balance with the other facial features to produce the most harmonious and aesthetic result.

Even if you’re simply hoping to match your favourite idol’s breasts for example – they may not look right on you. Your frame and size will very much affect how the results turn out. This is why it is often advised against taking a photo of your favourite celebrity to your plastic surgeon and asking for the exact same features. Yes, they look fantastic. But that doesn’t mean you will.

What can it achieve?

If you are lucky enough to have some of the same bone structure, size and shape as your celebrity idol, it is possible to mimic some of their features. So, you may be able to alter your nose to look more like theirs, or your chin for example.

However, London plastic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley focuses on achieving your best look. Taking inspiration from celebrities is perfectly fine, but hoping to look exactly like them is unrealistic.

During your consultation, Mr Tulley can advise you on which procedures will help you to achieve the best aesthetic results. He can also show you how you could possibly look and ensure you have realistic cosmetic surgery expectations. And, beware any surgeon that tells you it’s possible to look exactly like somebody else.