A buttock lift is used where there is significant skin laxity, commonly after significant weight loss, leading to deflated, droopy-looking buttocks.

Excess skin is removed from the upper part or just above the buttocks to lift and reshape them. The incisions are hidden underneath the underwear and bikini lines.

Surgery is commonly combined with buttock fat transfer to improve the volume and contours of the buttocks further.

The procedure is performed under a short general anaesthetic and dressings are subsequently changed at 1 week after surgery. Specific instructions are given to the patient regarding sitting and sleeping for the first 2 weeks, after which most patients can return to work.


Anaesthetic: General Anaesthetic

Hospital Stay: Day case or 1 night

Dressing Change: 7 days

Return to Work: 10-14 days post-op

Return to Exercise: 4-6 weeks

Other Advice: Compression garments worn for 6 weeks

Associated Procedures:

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