Breast Reduction

Having larger breasts isn’t always ideal. While many people strive to increase the size of their breasts, others are desperate to reduce them. This is because larger breasts can lead to back and shoulder pain and skin irritation. They can also cause embarrassment and can affect what you can wear and even do. If you’re tired of dealing with the problems larger breasts present, a breast reduction could be an ideal option.

While it is largely associated with women, breast reduction can also be performed on men to correct gynaecomastia (enlarged breasts).

What does the breast reduction procedure involve?

The breast reduction procedure will vary depending upon the size of the breasts and personal preferences of the individual. Whichever technique is used, a scar will usually be left close to the nipple, hidden within the fold located under and vertically below the breast.

Mr Paul Tulley will then remove some of the breast’s fat, glandular tissue and excess skin. Remaining tissue, along with the nipple, is then reshaped. The overall result will leave you with smaller, shapelier and higher breasts.

What is the recovery like after a breast reduction?

Like breast augmentation, a reduction surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. However, you may be required to stay for two nights in hospital, rather than one. A week after the procedure the dressings will be changed and you’ll need to wear a sports bra for around six weeks.

The recovery period varies between patients, but most find they can go back to work within two weeks. Normal sporting activities should be resumed after a month. It’s common to experience some discomfort and soreness following the surgery. However, if you have severe pain you will need to alert the surgeon as soon as possible.

What will be discussed during the breast reduction consultation?

Prior to the procedure, you will be required to undergo a full consultation with Mr Tulley. This will determine the type of technique that should be used. It also gives you the opportunity to address any concerns you may have and give you a good idea of the results you can expect.

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