Could Breast Implants Created By 3D Printing Change Breast Reconstruction Surgeries for Cancer Patients?

There’s been a lot of changes in the breast augmentation sector over the past decade, but the latest development is by far the most exciting.

French researchers, Pierre-Marie Danze PHD and Julien Payen, have recently developed a new type of breast implant created from a 3D printer. This revolutionary technique could really change breast reconstruction surgeries for cancer patients down the line.

What are 3D printed breast implants?

The new 3D printed implants consist of a shell-shape structure and are fully absorbable. They are designed to hold fatty tissue, rather than silicon or saline implants. This means the results are very natural in comparison to other techniques and it’s likely to be cheaper and safer too.

It is the 3D printing which replaces silicone implants. Once the fat cells are injected into the shell, they will use the lace-like structure of the shell for support. The shell is constructed from bio absorbable material, limiting the chance the body will see it as a foreign object.

The duo responsible for developing these types of implants are currently filing for a patent. They claim it won’t be ready to use for around seven years. So, what options are currently available if you’re hoping to have breast reconstruction surgery?

Current breast reconstruction options

While 3D printing breast implants will drastically change the lives of cancer patients undergoing breast reconstruction in the future, right now there are great alternatives available.

Implants, both saline and silicon, have come a long way over the years and are safer now than ever before. Providing you choose an experienced, reliable surgeon, the procedure is straightforward and achieves fantastic results.

Overall, this isn’t the first time breast implants have been constructed using 3D printing. However, it is the first time they’ve been designed to be absorbent. Once released onto the market, they’ll really benefit those undergoing breast reconstructions.

For now however, you can still gain excellent results with traditional based implants. You can find out which technique is right for you during a consultation.