Arm Lift

There are many problem areas of the body that can be affected by drooping skin and excess fat and the upper arms are one of the most common areas patients enquire about treating. Often referred to as ‘bingo wings’, excess skin can occur after significant weight loss or as a result of weight gain. It’s also common in older patients as the skin loses its elasticity over time. Once the skin has been stretched on the arms it is almost impossible to tone it up with exercise.

A brachioplasty, known as arm reduction surgery, is an effective way to eliminate this excess skin and underlying fat.

How is a brachioplasty is performed?

During arm reduction surgery, Mr Paul Tulley will make an incision along the underside of the upper arm. The length of the excision depends on the how far down the arm the excess skin extends but it can run the whole length of the upper arm.

Mr Tulley will then remove the excess skin and remove any underlying fat tissue if required. The incision is then closed to produce a smoother and more taut appearance to the upper arms. Once fully healed, the upper arm will appear much more defined.

What does an arm lift procedure entail?

The surgery takes around two hours in total and is carried out under general anaesthetic. Most patients also stay in hospital overnight. Depending upon how much excess fat tissue is present, the procedure can also be combined with liposuction.

What is the recovery period like after an arm reduction?

Discomfort is usually minimal after an arm reduction procedure, but Mr Tulley advises patients to minimise arm movement for the first two weeks to avoid putting pressure on the healing incisions.

Return to work depends on the type of job you have. Heavy lifting and rigorous exercise should be avoided for four to six weeks after surgery.

What results can I expect from a brachioplasty?

The scar is quite long, often stretching down from the armpit to the elbow and can take up to 12 months to fully heal. However, Mr Tulley positions the scar on the underside of the arm, so it is less noticeable and he ensures they are fully appraised of what to expect in terms of scarring before they go ahead with surgery.

Patients are typically highly satisfied with the significant improvement to the shape of the upper arms.

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