Despite the dangers, thousands of people are jetting off abroad to undergo cosmetic procedures. This has led to a rise in botched surgeries.

A new audit from the BAAPS has revealed that botched cosmetic surgery from abroad has risen by a staggering 44%. So, what is causing the rise in botched procedures and why is it risky to go abroad?

Why has there been a rise in botched cosmetic surgery?

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), in the past four years 324 patients who had cosmetic surgery abroad needed to be treated for serious complications. The biggest rise was seen in 2021 where the number of botched cosmetic procedures rose by 44%.

The most common complications that patients need to be treated for include systemic infections, dead skin tissue, and unnatural looking results. Patients who flew to Turkey to undergo cosmetic surgery suffered the greatest number of complications. Interestingly, abdominoplasty procedures were also revealed to pose the biggest risk.

The reasons behind the increase in botched cosmetic surgery abroad usually relate to more people trying to save money – saving money is the number one reason Brits fly abroad for surgery. They are enticed by cheap deals that can work out significantly cheaper than local clinics.

However, the cheap prices often reflect the quality and safety of the surgery. The industry isn’t as well regulated in foreign countries like Turkey, as it is in the UK.

Should travel insurance be made mandatory?

In a bid to tackle the rising issue of botched cosmetic surgeries from abroad, the BAAPS is recommending that cosmetic surgery travel insurance be made mandatory.

Many of the botched procedures end up being treated on the NHS, which is already strained after the pandemic. But, travel insurance would cover the cost, saving the NHS millions of pounds.

Furthermore, patients need to be more informed about the potential dangers of undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad.

Understanding the risks of having cosmetic surgery abroad

The trouble with going abroad for cosmetic surgery is that the industry isn’t as well regulated as it is in the UK. This means there are a lot of inexperienced surgeons offering cheaper surgeries. The low cost of procedures abroad can be tempting, especially to those on a budget. However, you are often sacrificing your safety and your health for a cheaper price.

In addition, it isn’t recommended that you fly for several weeks after having certain cosmetic procedures eg abdominoplasty. Doing so increases the risk of complications e.g. blood clots (DVT and PE).

The rise in botched cosmetic surgery abroad is worrying. If you want the best, safest results, make sure you choose a reliable surgeon in the UK. Book a consultation with Mr Paul Tulley today to discuss your cosmetic surgery options.